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Expat Hiring

We work on behalf of a wide range of clients that operate across the world, either on an international basis or with companies that recruit and focus locally.
For candidates looking to start fresh in a different country, Mid Asian offers the opportunity to build a career by providing guidance and help find a suitable professional fit.

Why choose Midasian as your Recruitment firm?

  • Our recruiters have international work experience, and a good understanding of international issues.
  • Our recruiters take up Head Hunting assignments with confidentiality; Our strong networking capabilities allows us to gather potential candidates within a short time span
  • Working in a foreign country gives you the chance to adapt to new and unfamiliar situations. This is a significant factor to grow your confidence and strengthen your ability to adjust to diverse situations.
  • From figuring out how to navigate through a foreign city, to immersing yourself in a different culture – the challenges that settling abroad entails force you to use strong analytical and critical thinking skills, which helps to develop your ability to solve problems and innovate.
  • Work experience abroad can open your mind; help you to gain a better understanding of global markets and give you a taste of how organisations operate internationally. The business world is becoming more international than ever, and there is an increasing demand for workers that have experience with international markets and business cultures.
  • As you push your boundaries to adapt to a foreign working environment, you will experience growth in your confidence and gain a greater drive to take on new challenges.

Let us help your business to move forward.


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