Permanent Recruitment

Mid Asian’s Recruitment team explores the responsibilities, skills, ability and educational requirements of a specific job. We then systematically analyse a job and build a prospective candidate profile.

The team at Mid Asian includes experienced and dedicated HR professionals, who strive to find the perfect candidate for every position. The company specialises in sourcing suitable candidates for clients through customising deliverables, as per the client’s needs.

Searching for a skilled candidate from a comprehensive database.
Compile a list of potential candidates, after thorough verification and corroboration.
Shortlist candidates after the screening process, to ensure selection of a competent enough candidate.
Verify and corroborate records of all shortlisted candidates again.
Complete customization of services to ensure selection of an adept candidate.

Build Right Team, Experienced and dedicated team members.
Focus on Core Business
Scalable Hiring: Use of best techniques for candidate screening and short listing.
Complete customization, to ensure the selection of a well-suited candidate.
Comprehensive verification of candidates’ details.
Experienced and dedicated team members.
Simplified process to ensure clarity at clients’ end.