Payroll Services

Ensuring employee welfare is an important part of managing a successful company. That is where HRs come in. One of the major functions of the HR Department is to oversee payroll. It is the HR’s responsibility to deliver timely and accurate salary payments and deductions to employees. Since employees are sensitive to salary errors or lateness, it is the HR’s job to secure their welfare. At Mid Asian, payroll includes the associates hired by the company as well as temporary staff sourced to work on client projects.


Access to latest technology including payroll software; to keep track of salary slips, attendance, PF, etc.
Timely release of payments for work done on projects.
Client access to employee information like leaves, salary slips, PF deductions, etc.
Efficient handling of all backend procedures

On time salary release of all employees.
More emphasis on employee welfare.
Detailed records of all employee information.
Well-oiled modus operandi of the compan